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About the Aldrich Market Select Procurement Solution
Thank you for visiting the Aldrich Market Select purchasing site. The Aldrich Market Select Procurement Solution is a free service now available through Sigma-Aldrich. Our goal is to provide you with a single, efficient online resource for purchasing synthetic building blocks and screening compounds from Aldrich and other reliable chemistry sources.

Building blocks and screening compounds may often be purchased for a fraction of the cost of internal synthesis and purification. However, purchasing these exotic chemicals from multiple suppliers can be a time consuming and expensive process with uncertain results.

Aldrich Market Select is designed to ensure a streamlined process by allowing research organizations to save substantial time and money by purchasing these materials through one reliable resource.

The Aldrich Market Select Purchasing Solution includes 3 components:

  1. The catalog database.
    The Aldrich Market Select database includes a subset of the most reliable suppliers that serve the building block and screening compound market place. The database includes millions of chemical products available for immediate purchase and is updated on a weekly basis.

    The catalog data chemical structure files are available at no cost to Sigma-Aldrich customers through a data sharing agreement

  2. The purchasing web site.
    The Aldrich Market Select Purchasing site makes the procurement of building blocks and screening compounds easy. Users can simply upload target product files or search based on structure or IDs. Users can then make a purchase directly through the system or request a custom quotation. The web site provides a one stop shop for purchasing chemistry from many suppliers in one simple process.

  3. Advanced procurement software tools.
    The Aldrich Discovery & Chemistry Services group has developed and uses advanced software tools for managing the selection and procurement of building block and screening compound libraries.. Originally developed by ChemNavigator.com, Inc. (now part of Sigma-Aldrich), these tools may be licensed by your organization to manage projects in your own chemical design or procurement group.

To request more information on the Aldrich Market Select Purchasing Solution products and services, please use the following request form.

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 Information on procurement and custom formatting for screening compound libraries.
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