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Upload a list of structures or ID's into the window above. The List Search tool will enable a search of each item in the list and perform an EXACT match search.

Please note that limited network bandwidth may prevent very large files from being uploaded entirely.

If you experience problems, please contact us at

  • Structures (SDF, SMILES, SLN): When providing a list of structures, exact match searches will be performed. The results will not include structures that vary in isotopic substitution, stereochemistry, charge, and protonation state (salts). If not all structures produce results, try searching from the main search page utilizing the substructure search.
  • MFCDs: Results will display the structure for the MFCD number (if available) and all available sources.
  • INCHIs: Results will display the structure matching the INCHI CODE and all available sources.
  • INCHI-KEYs: Results will display the structure matching the 27-character INCHI KEY and all available sources.
  • STRUCTURE_IDs: Results will display the structure and all available sources.
  • CNC_IDs: Results from these searches will include the unique Structure ID and all sources available.
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