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Frequently Asked Questions
Question Response
How do I qualify to use the Aldrich Market Select web site? Performing searches and creating shopping carts is similar to most web based systems. In order to place an order, you will need to register with the system. Upon registration, our customer support team will verify your ability to purchase from Sigma Aldrich and upgrade your account accordingly.

How do I order libraries of products? The web based system allows you to search and select as many products as you require. If you have a large project that you would like custom quoted, please contact us at

Please include:
  • Structure
  • quantity desired
  • delivery window requirements
  • price requirements (if any)
  • physical sample restrictions (no liquids, dry films, etc)
  • Special packaging instructions
and any other data appropriate to the project.

About Quotation Timing The Aldrich Market Select Purchasing System allows the customer to get a binding price for many products interactively through the web site Check Out page.

The customer may also request custom price quotations through the Check Out page. Our overall goal in the Aldrich Market Select program is to deliver custom quotations within 24 hours of the online request. We will strive to meet this guideline in all cases. However, custom quotations for Priced on Availability (POA) products may be reliant on the supplier confirming details for the custom quote such as sample state, purity, shipment times, etc. In these cases a custom quotation may take up to 3 business days.

About Shipping, Order Handling & Additional Expenses Under the Aldrich Market Select program all ordered compounds and building blocks are shipped to a regional Sigma-Aldrich handling facility where they are packaged for shipment to the customer. Sigma-Aldrich will manage all international compliance issues and act as importer and exporter of record for all shipments.

Freight/Shipping - Freight from the regional Sigma-Aldrich facility to the customer is managed according to any existing freight agreement between the customer and Sigma-Aldrich. Please check with your regional sales person for your freight program status or email

3rd Party Product Import/Shipping/Handling Fees - For orders greater than $200 in product value, these fees are waived for the customer. For orders less that $200 in product value, there will be a flat rate $50 processing fee.

Supplier Minimum Order & Administrative Fees - Where these type fees are required by the supplier they are included. These details for any specific Cart may be found under the link associated with Additional Expenses on the Check Out page.
About Product Delivery Times Sigma-Aldrich will work to deliver your ordered compounds and building block products as quickly as possible. Supplier shipment times are listed in the Aldrich Market Select web site. These provide information on the time for the supplier to package and ship a typical order to our regional Sigma-Aldrich facility. Please note that the delivery time for any set of ordered products will be dependant on the product with the longest supplier shipment time.

Typical Delivery Time - To estimate the typical delivery time for a set of products is to consider the product with the longest shipment time plus 2 business days for US domestic shipments and 4 days for international shipments.

Partial Shipments - If a customer desires, orders may be split into partial shipments to reduce delivery times. Please be careful to consider the potential additional cost of shipments if you decide to accept partial shipments.
Compliance Alerts Under the Aldrich Market Select program some products are flagged for compliance issues. These flags are to alert you that there may be special requirements for processing orders for substances shipped to the countries listed in the Compliance Alert. You will be contacted by a customer service representative if there are compliance issues related to your order.